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A peak of the Adoption Trailer!!

By Master Cat Blogger - Fable

My humans have been teasing and teasing about this unveiling of the adoption trailer for weeeeeks now!  

Here’s what I have to say. 


Oh, come on! I know you are thinking the same thing.  

Soooooo, do you want a little peak????

I found a little snippet of a picture of a part of the trailer. My human thinks she is so slick trying to hide it from me. 

And here it is!! 

Well, that is more than we have seen up until now, right!?!  

How about one more?  She left another snippet for me to find.

Well, now we have seen all the tires.  

Dreaded humans and their humor!!

Suppose you could stop by on Tuesday, June 12th at 11:30, before lunch.  Join us as we celebrate the unveiling of my human and her supporters hard work over three years. 

#fable #Shelby #ShelbysPAWS #SLFR #adoptiontrailer #sixLegFunrun #masterCatblogger

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