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My humans...

By: Master Cat Blogger - Fable

These humans live in my house.  If you see them, please make them aware I can smell the treats hidden behind that one cabinet door I cannot seem to open.  Pure cat cruelty if you ask me.  

And OH MY GOODNESS, remind me sometime to tell you about the one time she tried to take me outside on a LEASH!!       GAHHHH!

I am not a follow-you-around-everywhere-just-happy-to-be-in-your-presence dog!  I am a feline and we are of royal descent.  You know, from lions, DUH!!

My human, Shelby, dressed up pretty last night. So pretty she refused to hold me. Personally, I don’t understand what you humans have against cat hair, seriously.

Until Iwrite again.

Love - Fable

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