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March 9, 2018

Hi Two Legs! 


Yes, I ‘m talking to you, humans.


Let me introduce myself in case my human has not spoken about me. 


She named me Fable.  I will be six years old in June.  I have lived with my human since I was a few weeks old.  She use to leave my bowl full of food, but now she measures out these minuscule amounts of food a mouse could not survive.  Maybe when you see her sometime, some of you wouldn't mind explaining leaving more food in my bowl sure would be nice! 


I am a house cat.  I enjoy the outdoors from this side of a screen door - but I dont much care to be out in that wild mess.  I do like to watch the birds and the occasional squirrel - but I would much rather watch birds.  Squirrels are STUPID!  Remind me to tell you the story about a squirrel this one time.  


Let me see if I can find some cute photos of myself.  I love the napping ones.  Aren’t I just so adorable.  JUST DON’T TOUCH ME WHILE I AM SLEEPING! GEEZZZ MAN!! 


Email me at sixlegfunrun@gmail.com if you would like to ask me questions.  I am positive I can tell you exactly what to do with your dogs.  

Haha. All dogs need a boss, so get them a cat! DUH!! 


Master Cat Blogger -



p.s.  Cats Rule !  All the rest drool ! 






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