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My Human was on the News tonight !

Junior High Student Raises Money for Shelter Pets

Click the LINK above for the VIDEO.

TEXARKANA, Ar - A fourteen year-old student in Texarkana, Arkansas is making a difference in the lives of homeless pets. She's organizing a big fundraiser to help them.

It's a project that Shelby Dunphy-Day started when she was just eleven years-old. Today, she is the executive director of her non-profit called Shelby's Paws. Every year, she organizes the Six Leg Fun Run and 5K. Proceeds benefit the Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texarkana, Arkansas. "I get asked all the time if, how'd you get six legs? Well, there's two human legs and four dog legs!"

This weekend marks the third year for the event. It's expected to help the non-profit reach its goal of buying a twenty-eight thousand dollar mobile adoption unit for the shelter. "The trailer is a climate controlled trailer that has eight cages that you can duplicate up to twelve cages."

This all started when Shelby was in the fifth grade, she had to do a project for school. She said, "I was like, I wanta do a race. Kindof like Race for the Cure or like a 5K and I started thinking, what would I do it for?" With her love of animals, especially homeless ones, the answer was obvious. Shelby said, "if you want to do something, work for it and you'll get there, no matter what it is."

This year's Six Leg Fun Run and 5K is set for Sunday, January 28th, 2018, at 2pm in downtown Texarkana. You can get more info here:

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