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Hey You, Puppy Poo in My Square!!

Check out the link from race day!

Puppy Poo Bingo - Facebook Live

Congratulations to Locksley May, our Puppy Poo Bingo winner!! 🐾 Ms Locksley won $750 with square #003.

Thank you, Bradley Day, Brady Day, Candi & Blake Campell for your help with our first successful Puppy 🐶 Poo Bingo!! 

We plan to have a few games of Puppy Poo Bingo in a couple weeks in downtown Texarkana at Front Street Plaza during Mardi Gras - Texarkana 

Check our Facebook page for more information!

Puppy Poo squares will be $5 each.

Persons must be 18 years old or older to purchase a square and/or win a prize.

All sales for squares during Mardi Gras -Texarkana will begin at Noon.

There will be 66 squares numbered 1 through 66.

The puppy will be released every two hours or when all 66 squares have been sold, whichever comes first.

At least 34 squares or more have been sold, the winner will receive 3/4 of the pot (3/4 of that rounds square sales).

If 33 squares or  less are sold, the winner will receive half of the pot (half of that rounds square sales).

Once the Puppy is released, he has 60 minutes to poo.

Once the 60 minutes expires, and the Puppy has not poo-ed,  the judge will draw from a bag of numbers.

All decisions by the judge are final.

 #sixlegfunrun2018 #SLFR2018 #shelbysPAWS #puppypoobingo

#sixLegFunRun #Bingo #ShelbysPaws #texarkana

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