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Puppy Poo ... yes, that stinking crap!

Absolutely and Why Not ?!?!?!

Puppy Poo. Poop. Crap. Patty. Chocolate Ice Cream Emoji.  LOL!  You know that is funny!! 

I dont remember who (Tommy Potter) gave me the idea of changing Cow Patty Bingo into Puppy Poo Bingo.  But I was instantly amused by the idea and determined to include it in this years event.  

So here we are over a week away from race day, the day, poo day! (I crack myself up).

There are 100 squares.  Each square is $50.  On race day the numbered squares will be randomly matched to each ticket holders name.

A puppy/dog will be released at 1:30 to do his do-ty. He will have until 3:00.  If no Poop has been released from the Puppy/Dog by 3:00, the judge will determine the location of the puppy’s left front foot. 

There winner will win half the pot!  Hoping all the tickets are sold, the pot will be $5000.  The winner will receive $2,500.

Now that is some pretty awesome odds!! 1:100! 

And if $50 sounds high, split a ticket with a friend.

Remember, the rest of the pot is going to help pay for the adoption trailer!!

Contact us if you’d like to get a square!! You don’t want to miss all the fun.  You don’t even have to pick up the POOP! 

All rules will be posted on race day and on the website. 

#sixLegFunRun #PuppyPoop #SLFR #ShelbysPAWS #Sixlegfunrun #Shelbyspaws

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