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Tape it.  Pin it.  Share it.  Or just Hand it to a Human!

Here is our flyer for the 3rd Annual Six Leg Fun Run & 5k.  

It is right here for you to download, print, screenshot, etc.  Then there is the task of getting it out to the people.  Not just you, but all the people! 

So, go ahead!  

Tape it. 

Pin it.  (Literally and / or Figuratively) 😉

Share it.  (All over the World Wide Web because my gosh there is nothing bigger than the www.)

Or go old school.  You may even enjoy it.  Hand it to a real live HUMAN!!  

Regardless, we hope that you share the news of the Six Leg Fun Run and certainly hope to see you there!! 

p.s.  There is a new game that will be announced. Stay tuned!! 

Link below to pdf document

2018 Six Leg Fun Run &5k FLYER

#sixLegFunRun #ShelbysPAWS #SLFR #Texarkana #NHJH #TASD #5k #Dogrun #Funrun

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