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Registration Fees stay the same for 2018 event !!


Register Online and you will be guaranteed the t-shirt size you order!!  All registrations after Tuesday, January 23rd, will not be guaranteed the size t-shirt you requested, and will be first come first serve on Race Day beginning at 12:30.

Click HERE to Register for the 2018 Six Leg Fun Run & 5k


Think about it, Register even if you don’t plan to walk, you don’t even need a dog; but you will be helping a 3 year goal be reached on January 28th! AND you’ll have the t-shirt to prove it!!

Hope to see you there!

LOG SOME VOLUNTEER TIME.... If you’d like to help us out now, please let me know. Email me at And I’m talking about right now help, feet on the ground (ok, in a car then on the ground).  No puppy poop pick up jobs!!  I promise!! 

And remember, 

Four Dog Legs, Two Human Legs... Duh!

#SLFR2018 #sixlegfunrun #ShelbysPAWS #StepUpSpeakOutDo  

#SixLegFunRun #SLFR #SLFR2018 #ShelbysPAWS #ShelbysPAWS #Texarkana #TASD

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