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Calling All Animal Lovers

Maybe you are wondering what the funds raised from this event is going to purchase..... ????

We set a pretty lofty goal to raise enough money to purchase an adoption trailer.

We can do it with a little help from you and you and you!

Then, we will buy an Adoptiin Trailer the Animal Care & Adoptiin Center, and the City of Texarkana can utilize. One of the main ideas for my non-profit is based on community leadership and partnership. As youth volunteers, we are proving how just a little from many instead of a lot from a few can make a huge impact. YES! This is a huge goal to try and reach. But when you break it down, it really isn't.

After the first race, we are 1/3 of the way there. Our goal is $35,000. Now let's break it down.

$32,000 divided by $250 is 128 people.

$32,000 divided by $500 is 64 people.

Now these scenarios don't sound so bad! That is an attainable goal!

We have some wonderful sponsors that are thinking of donating $1,000. With a few of those, that will cut our small figure from above down more. See! Goal attainable!

Who is ready to go out and find one person who will sponsor? Who wants to be a leading partner in a community effort to make a difference.

Who knows where this will lead. It may inspire others to start there own projects and community efforts. Just think how much we could accomplish as kids if we just became aware. Ask a teacher, ask me, contact HandsOn Texarkana! Seriously!

But right now, while you may now be brainstorming, please help our community by joining me in our effort through Shelby's P.A.W.S. now and in the days leading up to race day.

For information on how you can be directly involved, please contact me!


Attached is an example of the adoption trailer we will purchase.

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