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Flashback to my Inspiration

After spending time in the "old" cat room at the Texarkana Animal Care and Adoption Center last year, I was inspired to paint a couple absract cats. I named her "Blue Eyed Huntress". I sold one and bought some cat food with some of the proceeds for the kitties at the shelter. It was a small donation but led me to think bigger and better, and so was born the Six Leg Fun Run!

This link will take you to the TRAHC website. If you have never been, you really should!

p.s. this girl was for sale, but mom brought her home and hung it on the wall ;-)

p.p.s. there is one mre funky rooster for sale!! Shhhhhh!! don't tell mom! just contact me! lol

Six Leg Fun Run Shelby Ayn Art

#cat #painting #abstract #TRAHC

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